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Andy Tw. - Happy 4th of July!

5. července 2014 v 23:13 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Ano, jsem si vědomá toho, že dnes je 5. 7. a za méně než hodinu už 6. 7.
Ale lepší pozdě, než-li nikdy.

Andy: Happy 4th of July! Growing up as as kids in the United States we are often told stories of the "American dream" and how with great work and dedication you will be able to achieve your goals and live a happy and fulfilling life. I would like to say thank you to every one of you around the world for helping me to make my dreams come true and allowing me to sing for you and share my thoughts and aspirations with you. I love my country so very much and I love the people who have helped me get to this point in my life. Have a great night everyone, I believe in you and I believe in your dreams. Now it's time for me to get back to vocal tracking for #bvb4 💀 photo by: @sedition1216

Andy Tw. - ...over the counter flu and cold medicine imaginable haha...

30. října 2013 v 13:48 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Doufám, že Andymu bude čím dál lépe a že se nebude přemáhat.
Jak už asi víte, tak se muselo zrušit i pár koncertů.
Po pár dnech do toho už Andy šel.
Přesto varoval fanoušky, aby v prvních řadách byli opatrní! :) :x
Taky se pak omlouval za jeho záchvat kašle..
Snad bude brzy zravý x) ♥

- Pre show Atlanta Georgia. Hotel room full of every possible over the counter flu and cold medicine imaginable haha. Here we go!

- "Ring of Fire" photo by : Jonathan Weiner Fall 2013

- Just finished the first session on my ribs with my longtime buddy and amazing artist @jason__dee . The piece is the skull of the catholic Saint Benedictus

Andy Tw. - "Make a crazy face"....

20. října 2013 v 15:23 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- Huntington NY! Almost show time!

- "Make a crazy face" haha @ccbvb. Had a fantastic night with @lessthanjr watching live music and talking about music. Time to grab a few hours sleep before Poughkeepsie💀❤️

Andy Tw. - I believe that we all fall down sometimes

18. října 2013 v 21:49 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- Alright Penn lets do this!!

- @lilrichard is NOT amused

- Hotel. New York. Day off

- I believe that we all fall down sometimes

Andy Tw. - My dragonfly @thejulietsimms Photo by: Chapman Baehler

11. října 2013 v 22:51 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- Rockin' the vintage @AltPress shirt in Fargo tonight! @mikesheaap

- My dragonfly @thejulietsimms Photo by: Chapman Baehler

- Wisconsin

Andy Tw. - Seeya again in a few weeks Canada! Thanks for the rad shows!

8. října 2013 v 18:24 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- Seeya again in a few weeks Canada! Thanks for the rad shows!

Andy Tw. - Canada..

7. října 2013 v 21:15 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- Canada

- CC showed me how to play video games tonight. Canada is magical haha 😜

Andy Tw. - "Where'd you get YOUR clothes!?"

6. října 2013 v 16:03 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Tak určitě...
Jen jsem čekala, kdy se nějaká taková jeho fotka objeví! :D
Vždyť ono je to v dnešní době stašně in! :P
Na záchodě jsou nejspíš ty nejlepší fotky.. :D :33

- Toilet store

Andy Tw. - Outtake shot from...

5. října 2013 v 21:26 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- Outtake shot from a recent merchandise shoot we did with our friend the very talented Jonathan Weiner. More to come 💀😜

- Good morning Calgary, surprisingly I think it's our first time here! I could be wrong but regardless we are looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Andy Tw. - Hey LA nearly time for #thechurch to be in session

29. září 2013 v 13:25 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Ta jeho dokonalost ♥.♥...
Jednou mě bude mít na svědomí! -.- xD

- Hey LA nearly time for #thechurch to be in session

Andy Tw. - "You can call me Joker, and as you can see I'm a lot happier." (+ 2 videos ♥)

26. září 2013 v 13:42 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Já to božské stvoření jednoznačně miluju! ♥ :D :33

- You can call me Joker, and as you can see I'm a lot happier.

*Klikněte na obrázky -> dostanete se na stránku s videem!*

- Welcome to another edition of Biersack Corner #smoothjazz

- Feeling in the Halloween spirit at rehearsals #138

Andy Tw. - B(L)ack

25. září 2013 v 19:22 | Fallen*Colour*Angel
Ale sekne mu to! :3
Jak jinak taky, že? :D ♥

- B(L)ack

Andy Tw. - ...wonderful day...

20. září 2013 v 23:53 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Andy - We had such a great and inspiring time visiting Cincinnati Children's Hospital today. Thank you so much to everyone at the hospital for being so welcoming. It was awesome to talk to so many of these patients and hear their stories of courage and strength. In this pic we are with a rad couple (Rory Schwab and Alison Miracle) who both have dealt with heart disease and multiple operations but through it all they have eachother! They came to warped this year and told me about how they listen to BVB together!

Juliet - Such a wonderful day spending time with some incredible people at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Amazing stories of strength, hope and bright futures. These two with us in the picture are engaged to be married and both have gone through severe heart surgeries. Strong hearts and strong love❤ #Repost from @andybvb with @repostapp

- the deck

- So happy that I got a chance to see one of my biggest mentors in my life and the person who first gave me a chance to be on the stage, THE man Mr. David Roth

Andy Tw. - ....Thank god we brought some coca cola classic.

18. září 2013 v 18:51 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

Ty ňuňu výrazy :D :3

- @thejoeflanders and I had an exhausting production meeting today regarding season 2 of Average Joe. Thank god we brought some coca cola classic.

Andy Tw. - One more session and we should be done!

17. září 2013 v 20:51 | Fallen*Colour*Angel

- #respost from @halloweentattoos last night doing our 2nd session of my new neck piece. The idea is symbolism and American cultural reference. Christ seen with the aesthetics of a Native American warrior chief. One more session and we should be done! 💀