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You Me At Six - Room To Breathe

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Jsem jediná, kdo ji tak zbožňuje?

Illuminator Lyric Video

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Mandrage - Tanči dokud můžeš

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Ronnie Radke - "Devil" (HD)

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William Control - “Revelator” video premiere (NSFW)

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The Story

William Control's The Neuromancer is finally set for release next week on April 4, much to the relief of long-awaiting fans who originally expected it last year prior to his announcement that the album would be delayed to make it the best it could be.

Granted, they had Control's short novel Revelator Book One: The Neuromancer and a few tours to tide them over in the meantime, and it's better late than never.

"Revelator," the second-to-last track on the album, marks the first single among a collection of songs Control says it was hard from which to choose a favorite.

"I didn't have a clue as to which song on the album I liked the best, I think they are all amazing," says William. "So for the first single I went with the one that I felt had the best drum beat. Being an artist is amazing when you don't have to follow any rules."

Check out the slightly NSFW video exclusively here on APTV and pre-order The Neuromancer now via William Control's online store.

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Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low - #7of30

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I’m not okay..

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MCR broke up a year ago today. I'm not okay (I promise!).. ♥

Dned už je to rok, co se kapela My Chemical Romance rozpadla..

Ale má láska k nim je a nadále bude stejně silná, jako vždy!

All Time Low signing at Pulp Manchester/Interview with Joshua Fox!

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Zasranej lýžák! -_-'
Tak blízko byli!..

Fall Out Boy - Backatcha

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Hot Minute: Silverstein

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Blessthefall - Behind The Scenes of "Hollow Bodies" Music Video

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A oficiální video je zde!
Doporučuji vám, aby jste ho shlédli prvně.
Já osobně jsem se pak hodně zaměřovala na ty efekty a "viděla" jsem jen zelené plátno :)

The Pretty Reckless House On A Hill (Full Song)

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Lady Carousel (Official Video)

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