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The Pretty Reckless Interview Part 1, 2, 3

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Part 1 - Going to Hell Album & Writing

Ronnie Radke and Craig Mabbitt bury the hatchet (tour announcement)

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Tak to jsem zvědavá!

Andy Biersack - Thank You

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Thank you

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Alternative Press magazine for the amazing cover story in the December 2013 issue (Issue #305) …..this has truly been a lifelong dream of mine. In fact I can vividly remember sitting in my room and cutting out images from AP every month of my favorite bands and taping them to my ceiling so that when I was awake at night I could see all of the inspiration there above me.
I can remember looking up and seeing the pictures of bands like Rancid, Alkaline Trio, AFI, and countless others on the cover of AP and dreaming of one day having the chance to have my story told in this publication. I cannot put into words what it felt like this week to receive my copy…to hold it in my hands and read the truly fantastic piece that Mr. Ryan Downey compiled.
There has never been a more detailed and in depth story written about my life or career, if you are a fan of what I do or have been with me on this crazy journey I really think you are going to love this article.
Not only is the written piece absolutely amazing but there are also a number of never before seen personal family photos of me growing up in there as well as some of my hand written journal pages.
I also wanted to take a second to urge the BVB Army to consider NOT scanning and posting the article all over the internet. I know that the temptation to share it this way is strong but it occurred to me as I sat there reading the piece that I believe you will benefit greatly as a reader if you are able to read the full thing as it was meant to be read. If you aren't able to buy the magazine in a physical copy or at a news stand there are options that AP offers including a digital version of the entire magazine that has been formatted and made in perfect resolution for your iPhone, iPad, eReader etc.
I have seen that people have started sharing some of the photos from the article (taken by the supremely talented Mr. Jonathan Weiner) and as much as I appreciate everyones enthusiasm I thought I'd take a shot and ask you all to bring this back to a time when media wasn't so easily shared and disposed of, I believe that this magazine as a whole is something all of you will truly enjoy and therefore is worth taking a little extra time (and yes, a little money) to pick up for yourself. I want to show AP and everyone involved just how much the BVB Army appreciates art and the efforts that were made to produce this issue.
Again, I am so humbled and grateful that you all have allowed me the chance to follow my dreams, without you guys and your constant support I know that things like this could have never happened to me.
I am a kid from Cincinnati who dreamed big, and I feel that I am living proof that with enough hard work and personal strength you can achieve anything you set your mind to do!
My most sincere thanks to Mike, Jason, Ryan and everyone at AP and of course to YOU the BVB Army! Lets make this the biggest issue of AP ever!

Any photos...

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With fans ▼



Ashley Tw. - Thx Angela and Aimee for the Rad @HarleyDavidson tshirt! 😉🚲🔥 -gettin a purdy good collection from every city on tour!

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- Thx Angela and Aimee for the Rad @HarleyDavidson tshirt! 😉🚲🔥 -gettin a purdy good collection from every city on tour!

Andy Tw. - ...over the counter flu and cold medicine imaginable haha...

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Doufám, že Andymu bude čím dál lépe a že se nebude přemáhat.
Jak už asi víte, tak se muselo zrušit i pár koncertů.
Po pár dnech do toho už Andy šel.
Přesto varoval fanoušky, aby v prvních řadách byli opatrní! :) :x
Taky se pak omlouval za jeho záchvat kašle..
Snad bude brzy zravý x) ♥

- Pre show Atlanta Georgia. Hotel room full of every possible over the counter flu and cold medicine imaginable haha. Here we go!

- "Ring of Fire" photo by : Jonathan Weiner Fall 2013

- Just finished the first session on my ribs with my longtime buddy and amazing artist @jason__dee . The piece is the skull of the catholic Saint Benedictus

Thirty Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels

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Doufám, že nejsem jediná, která u toho brečela :'D ♥

Thirty Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels (Teaser 2)

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Nechápu, proč to udělali v tomto pořádí, ale nevadí :D

Thirty Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels (Teaser 3)

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Další? :3

Thirty Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels (Teaser)

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Už se nemůžu dočkat! :D :33

Smoke and Mirrors

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The Gazette - Last Heaven

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Avril Lavigne - Bad Girl Ft Marilyn Manson

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Kombinace těch dvou mi nepříjde vůbec špatná! :D :3